Could you describe us your work space?

Augusto Pirovano – CriticalCity Upload
My desk, possibily empty, a nice large screen, connected to my laptop. Lots of plants and a ping-pong table.

Matteo Uguzzoni – CriticalCity Upload
A funny open space with a ping-pong table, good brightness, lots of people and a nest idea for conferences.

Andrea Valle – Macchina Logotelica
Well, it’s my desk and my cellar. Anyway, the common style is heap. For example, you can find on my desk: an amplifier which I collected in a garbage dump (perfectly working), vinavil, a plastic Italian flag, some pictures, drawings by my daughter Emma, antioxidant spray, two laptop, pipes and accessories, books, an alarm-clock that should stay in bedroom, a postcard from the great Edoardo Sanguineti which I keep like a relic, a trilobite Elrathiakingii of medium Cambrian era (513-510 million of years ago), etc.
I don’t mention the cellar, where I usually make dirty and noisy jobs.

Demian Conrad – Fanatic Collaborative Magazine
Warm as a mother and practical as a father.

Natascia Fenoglio – Mandala Chicle
My work space changes depending on what I have to produce, on the idea i have to realize. Usually, I don’t work in my own spaces but in places someone rent me.

Dominic Wilcox – Between your thoughts and mine
A place with photographers and fashion designers and me.


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